Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cord Lights

Cord lights.  Very popular right now.  Cool and retro.  Done really well in this Italian bistro in Milan.  I talk a lot about working with the existing elements and here they strike again.  Original brick barrel vaulted ceilings meet kickass cord lights.  A genius fix.  Instead of running some traditional metal pipe (conduit) to get the power to the cord lights they opted to order/design the fixtures with additional cord. The cord becomes another design element and runs exposed along the ceiling following the brick and mortar patterns completing the connection.

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


A design to showcase the owners love of boats and sailing.  A statement piece for sure as well as an engineering gem.  The sheer mass and geometry is of this place is awe inspiring.  I love how this badboy appears to rise out of the site and simply hover or float so effortlessly.  Concepts that start with passion, continue to push and finally put out a kickass product.
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitchen Cave

It's all about the existing elements in this kitchen cave.  There are always crazy challenges in building and design and in this example it's all about the stone work.  Classic, rustic, detailed and badass.  Old European craftsmanship you rarely come across.  This is where you embrace the conditions and get after it.
You can't hang cabinets so strategically run some base units along with an island and incorporate some freestanding pieces.  The overall lighting is weak so hide any new electrical behind base units and "wash" the walls with some up lighting.  Keep the color tones neutral and let the stone speak for itself.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swing Set

What to do with a 100 foot fallen poplar tree?  Turn it into a swing set, of course.  The fresh, creative firm of Visiondivison took this bad boy, repurposed the entire thing for the Indianapolis Museum of Art and dropped it in their 100 Acres park.  A killer idea and such a cool piece.  The overall vibe is almost surreal and I love that the look of the kiosk, wrapped in the compressed bark from the tree.  Good fun for all.
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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Glass Pantry Door

The full light or clear glass pantry door.   Whatever you call it just be careful how you use it.  Nice example here.  It's a little bit of a cozy kitchen to begin with and the glass in the door really helps open the space a little more.  It also completes the look and style.  This is working style kitchen where items are intended to be exposed.

Again working with space constraints, this island/bench compliments the overall vibe and is fully functional.

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