Friday, October 17, 2014

Welcome Back Cottage

Feeling some inspiration this morning and jumping back in after a really long nap.  A little client research along with some inspiration from my sweet wife on the current project we are working to complete.  This place on the southwest side of Michigan sparked some attention.  Simple yet crisp and creative.  White is king here, however they toned it down with stains and subtle accents in furnishings and cabinetry.
A make-up of fresh new contemporary design ideas while still incorporating the existing structure.

Scrap, clean, bolt and paint.  Well, not always that easy but as you can see they found a way to bring all those elements to life.  Exposed trusses, structural beam and pipe columns.
Check the old school roll-up shades in the windows.

The before and after.  Have that vision and stick with it.

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