Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Reducing and Reusing the Farmhouse

This complete little project all about totally maximizing a space you love, making it your own and the unique reuse of existing materials and structure.  It's the home of designer Jessica Helgerson.  She's taken and old 540 square foot, 1940's home (on 5 acres of farmland) and remodeled the existing footprint to accommodate the family needs.  No addition.  It was all about finding ways to make it work.  Materials are all local, coming from various salvage sites and the surrounding acreage.

The main living area combines the kitchen, dining and great room.  All of the interior walls are faced with reclaimed wood siding.  The contrast of the raw versus the painted wood on the kitchen wall is just perfect.  She's even wrapped the range hood in the raw wood.  Genius little detail.

The tub was salvaged from another site and custom fit with some carved wood blocks.  The kid's bunk room has a flat ceiling with the master loft above.  At the end of the beds is a pull-out closet.

You can check more photos and details here.

via Remodelista and Jessica Helgerson

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