Saturday, March 30, 2013


Hollywood Hills.  Kickass views.  Check this reno of a 1960's gem.  A killer finished product embracing the 60's architecture and introducing this edgy modern style.

Spaces designed to seamlessly flow from interior to exterior framed in black.  You can also check this post over at Fred Flare.

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Friday, March 29, 2013

Simple and Secluded

White house.  White sand.  Private setting.  It's all part of this straightforward ranch style construction set off with a few fresh design elements.
The single story design is key in warmer climates along with the all white look.  You want to keep that place as cool as possible.  With that being said, they've introduced a few things to enhance the look as well as tie it to the sweet grounds.  A modern vibe gets an industrial highlight with the sliding metal door and a Polynesian feel with the thatch style covered porches.  Subtle looks that compliment and give character.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Standing Tall

A view of the woods and a view of the lake with a little twist.  It's vertical living in northern Michigan.  A fresh little 1400 square foot, 3 story wood box that takes the living space to the top floor.  Killer views, open air and a ton of natural light.  I just love this idea and the creativity of the architecture that can follow with the surrounding landscape.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This is what you do with a kickass piece of property overlooking the Pacific in Big Sur, California.  You carve out the hillside and follow the contours of the topography.

A warm, earthy vibe in color gets set off with a hint of blue in the outdoor chair covers and stone top in the kitchen.  A subtle tie-in as you look out to the ocean.

I love the movement of the architecture.  The mix of straight and wavy lines in the wood and metal cladding to the random, edgy patterns of the stone work.  It all goes back to elements of the natural surroundings.

via Contemporist and Architect Magazine

Friday, March 8, 2013

School Time

School is in session - Kindergarten style.  A design that's wide open, durable and full of natural light.  A little gem for a bunch of nuggets full of high energy.  It's a nice fresh take on school architecture.  A bit unconventional but it has character.  It's warm and it's creative.  It's also running over at Fred Flare.

 via Contemporist

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Old Barn New Home

Showing some love to an old barn.  She's a tired old beauty from the outside but still structurally sound so they altered a few window openings and directed their attention to the interior.  Ever so budget conscious, they took a minimalist approach.  A little industrial.  A little rustic.  Keeping the overall vibe of the barn, the space is wide open exposing beam construction.  Windows are set off by their size and locations.  They're set in the middle of the partition showcasing overall thickness and the exterior brick bullnose detail.  A sweet detail by the architects referencing the use of the OSB plywood as not only being budget friendly but also drawing parallels to straw bales.

via homedesgn
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