Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's Up?

Architecture can move you in a number of ways.  So how do you view it?  In this crazy ass example, it's from the ground up.  Check the creativity via various skyscrapers in Hong Kong.  It's texture.  It's movement.  It's about letting your imagination go.

You can also check this over at Fred Flare.

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Friday, April 26, 2013

On the Outside

Is it the detail, the color or the design that catches your eye?  They've kicked some ass embracing all the elements but I'm all about the crisp, warm pattern in the teak cladding.  To go a step further it's also the idea of taking a modest size structure and creatively making a statement.  Bold, white lines showcasing geometry give that subtle modern vibe while a natural stone chimney and slate roof highlight a classic feel.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coastal Binoculars

A kickass coastal residence in Nova Scotia, Canada with a unique layout both inside and out.  The exterior of this place is just fresh.  From the water the design portrays this glorified pair of binoculars.  A setting so amazing that you'd just want to sit there and peer out at the natural surroundings.  It's a genius design element.
Inside, they've take these two cantilevered tubes and broken them down into a day and night time living quarters.  Crazy volume and a ton of natural light.  Each pod has it's own balcony as well.  One for the great room and one for the master suite.

Linking the two main element together on the back side is this third core unit.  Home to the foyer and kitchen, this provides the views down the coastline.
You can also check this over at Fred Flare.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Crisp, White and Narrow

Here's a little highlight from an NYC townhouse the measures just 16 feet in width.  Check this kitchen/nook space.  It's cozy but you really can't go wrong with the all white look.  Keep that space as bright as possible and you'll forget about the narrow, galley style.
Killer little added elements to highlight the space include the fresh yellow glass tiles of the backsplash as well as the factory style steel window off the sitting area.
It's subtle but I like the way they carried the horizontal lines throughout the space from the layout of the cabinetry to the cladding of the wood walls.
The floor to ceiling windows are flat out perfect once again helping open that space.  Bring on as much of that natural light as possible.

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