Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pizza & Beer

The pizza truck.  This kicks ass.  A genius idea that brings old world style cooking and sleek design to the street.  The wood burning set up is impressive in any kitchen but throwing the whole operation on the back of a truck just takes it to a whole new level.  They've basically dropped a shipping container on this bad boy, installed the 5000lb. oven and finished it off with custom crafted metal/glass folding doors clad on the interior in salvaged wood.  A rustic vibe tying it all together.

And for some more mobile fun, the beer trailer or Hop Box.  Craft on draft.  A converted horse trailer that now houses 6 handcrafted beers.

You can also check this post over at Fred Flare.

via Yatzer and Remodelista


  1. now THAT'S a food truck! pretty sweet!
    i saw a food truck in Birmingham yesterday, btw. thinking it'd be cool it it caught on here.

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