Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Farmhouse Sink

Here's a classic. The Farmhouse sink. This one looks vintage but it's actually by Kohler. We put a similar style in our house and I love it. It's deep and durable and I think they look great.

Here's one with two separate bowls which is nice. And how about the wood tops? I really like how they overhung the top on the lip of the sink and then carved out little grooves so that water finds it's way from the top into the sink. I'm all about the little details.

photos via Southern Living and withknobson.com


  1. Hi friends,

    For a more modern or industrial look, you might consider a stainless steel farmhouse sink. Ranging in all the possible sizes you could want, these sinks are beautiful and are available with gleaming satin finishes. It gives the kitchen the vintage and classic look. Thanks for sharing it......

    Stainless Steel Drop In Sink

  2. No, personally I LOVE the old fashioned sinks like my grandmother used to have. She used to wash my hair in it! I LOVE the old look...and I remember their doorknobs, too...something you don't find nowadays!


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