Thursday, October 21, 2010

Local and European Farmhouse

This is a sweet little weekend/vacation farmhouse in Vermont by the Boston-based architectural firm Albert, Righter & Tittmann (AR&T). It's actually not that little but I think the character of this place is so cool. The owner wanted the house to feel like it belonged in Vermont yet also wanted to give some love to his German heritage. As you approach the house you have that farmhouse feel with the white clapboard siding, the pair of green shutters, the square porch posts and the eaves without flat soffits.

On the rear of the house they brought in some of the European elements with the bracketed overhangs and the tall french doors.

Then you throw in this red barn that is linked to the main house with locally hand hewn, rustic cedar columns. So well done. They really did an amazing job linking the history and tradition from the owner to the architectural styles. Very cool.

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