Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Duxbury Yellow

It's a 1930's Greek Revival and the color is Duxbury Yellow. A sweet renovation, and one of my favorite projects. It was on my mind since I talked to the owner that we did this renovation with yesterday. Actually it was two different renovations. I think that's a great honor when you can say that you've completed multiple projects with the same client.

There were a couple of challenges on this project. One was that the owner had a shade of yellow in her head, but couldn't find a match. The shade of yellow could only be found on a home in Duxbury, Massachusetts, where they had a summer home. We ended up calling he local hardware shop owner of Duxbury, having him drive to the house, match the shade, custom mix it, and Duxbury Yellow was born. Another challenge was matching the exterior molding detail. We had to fabricate the crown, the dental and the corner pilasters to match the existing. A ton of hours and some patience to get it all just right. Actually, I take that back, these weren't challenges, they were little details that took a little time, but made all the difference.

photos by Tim Capaldi

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