Thursday, February 10, 2011

Brooklyn Brownstone

Elizabeth Roberts is a New York-based architect with a ton of experience in some pretty prestigious firms on both coasts and a killer background in historic preservation. She has a great artistic eye and a solid understanding of the craft of building. This is a brownstone in Brooklyn they basically deconstructed. They busted the drywall and plaster off the ceiling and along the party wall exposing the rafters and brick. It's pretty typical in a building dating back to the late 1800's/early 1900's but it's just timeless. The kitchen is all new and all custom, crafted in solid teak. And, why stop there? The tops are teak butcher block. So good.

The warm feel of all the wood and the rustic vibe of the brick is just sweet and all, however I do like the way the wood-burning fireplace adds another dimension to the space with it's cool texture and tone.
Check it at Fred Flare. My guest home for the day.

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