Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hillside Architecture

This is Altis. It's a group of private residences on Mammoth Mountain in California and they are just crazy, inside and out. They've been constructed on the hillside and take full advantage of some killer views.

A little edgy on the inside, they boast a modern design with a warm welcoming feel. You'll find a ton of Mahogany on the interior and clear California cedar cladding the exterior.

The Travertine may look cold here but not in this place. No way. All the floors in the entire residence have radiant heating. Heated floors are amazing no matter what climate or location you are in.

The main entry is on the top of 3 floors and opens up into a view just like this one. The architect was truly passionate about the design as well as the environment. They want the residents to be able to fully embrace the natural surroundings as well as the customized amenities of the home. Check this out over at my Thursday guest home, Fred Flare as well.

photos via Contemporist

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