Thursday, April 28, 2011

Australian Coastal Living

This to me is an ideal beach/coastal home. The vibe and feel is just sweet. It's welcoming, wide open and very simplistic in it's design. It doesn't suck either that you're on the eastern coast of Australia. The climate allows the indoor and outdoor spaces to flow freely and become one.

A fresh little outdoor gathering area as the color tones and wood textures work their way from inside, out.

Softer tones throughout with the painted wood ceilings and lighter honey colored hardwood. The balance is just right. It's not too heavy with any of the trim moldings. And check the cool little study area for the kids. I like the layout with the volume of the vaulted ceiling, and the creative geometrical shapes of the wood shelving over the computer station. Work hard and then play hard.

How cool is this? If you love to skate it's a great way to finish the day, no matter what age you are. You can also check this post on Fred Flare's site.

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