Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Boathouse And Loft

A very cool boathouse design here. The original footprint could not be compromised so the challenge was to create and kickass with the existing. A sweet job and great example of straightforward design while still maximizing the space. Proof that you can create even if you're working with concrete block.

The huge metal barn-style doors work so well here opening up the space, bringing the outdoors in and also sealing off any harsh weather. I also like the idea of the metal doors tying into the metal roof.

The interior is all clad in raw exterior grade plywood. It may appear basic but it works. It also ties in well with the raw look of the wood exterior overhangs. Simple old school barn style lighting both inside and out.

A little relaxation. The loft can also serve as an overflow sleeping quarters for guests.

A view from the back side. The doors can also create a small private sitting area when opened both on the front and back.

photos via Remodelista

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