Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Living on the Edge

A modern gem oh so nicely tucked right in on the edge of a cliff and at the water's edge. A great design that not only takes on the challenges of the site but of the natural weather environment as well. Elevation changes and a tight footprint. The view from the water is just sweet.

A shot of the courtyard that separates the main living from the boathouse. Fully equipped with a wood burning pizza oven and fireplace. An exterior make-up of copper, concrete, metal and cedar cladding to battle the elements.

Check the interior. Douglas fir all over giving that nautical feel for sure along with concrete floors and oversized windows. They even have some subtle copper accents in the kitchen hardware to tie the interior and exterior finishes.

A badass rooftop entry. A two story glass enclosed elevator shaft to get you to the residence. I love the stark contrast they've created between the two points of entry off land and water. So good.

via homedsgn

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