Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I feel like stonework is literally a lost art. I was reading an article yesterday on a historic renovation by Vicente Burin Architects based out in Connecticut and just couldn't pass it up because of the amazing stonework. They worked diligently with this client to restore and add on to an old English stone construction cottage from the 1930's by a self taught architect by the name of Frazier Forman Peters. Peters had a passion for stone construction and loved using local materials (first time I've heard of him and I like him already). When VB Architects took on this project they got after it and took a ton of pride in keeping this sweet exterior look. They were able to utilized local stones but the bigger challenge they said was matching the look and getting the grout joints just right. I totally agree. Custom stonework takes time and precision. A killer job by the installer.

photos by Dan Lenore

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