Thursday, September 30, 2010

35 Years Later

They call it the Re-Cover Residence and it was designed by Bates Masi Architects. I know I'm all over the architects this week but here's another that worked with the existing structure and elements to craft this renovation and addition. And, it also helps that Bates Masi originally designed the place back in 1970. Nice work by the owners too, going back to original architect. A solid decision and great compliment.

There is a great deal of craft and workmanship that went into this project. In the process of making room for the new addition they salvaged much of the twelve inch cypress boards that clad both the interior and exterior of the home and machined them into new siding. The key for me is the impeccable union of new to existing. That's a true skill in my opinion. Great work from owner to architect to craftsmen.

On the interior they created this balance from room to room with smooth horizontal walking surfaces, rough vertical wall texture and a polished countertop finish.

via Bates Masi Architects

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