Monday, December 13, 2010

Dining on the Water

A whole new take on dining on the water. This is super cool for a couple reasons. It takes my mind off of this nasty winter that has set in here, it's a fundraising effort by a non-profit promoting sustainable seafood and, it's a custom designed floating dining room.

This group is trying to bring awareness to the amount of plastic that is floating out in the oceans and showcasing ways to put it to use. The design team took approximately 1,700 plastic bottles and used them as the foundation for this floating dining room. The structure may come across a little raw but all the materials are local and have been donated. They didn't have a ton of time or a huge budget to work with so it's basically a cedar shell with a metal roof. I like the simplicity. It's still refined and looks cool.

The dining room only holds 12 people and it was just put up temporarily for the summer. It's all about a creative idea, raising awareness and giving back. There should be more projects like this.

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