Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Car Lift

The car lift. It's badass and I'd say pretty much a high end item but it's still sweet. They're like anything custom. The price will depend on design, application and where it's located in the house. We have installed some of these in the past and it got my attention because one of the customers randomly stopped by the office yesterday. There are a ton of different manufacturers out there depending on the application and look you may or may not be targeting. It still requires a very close relationship between contractor, architect and manufacturer from design development all the way to installation.

This is a nice clean look and great if you have the opportunity to utilize a portion of basement. It's called the Phantom Lift from American Custom Lifts. All you have to do is pull in and onto the platform, hit a button and the car lowers leaving an empty platform for another car. Very slick.


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