Monday, December 6, 2010

Cape Town

This place is just spectacular. It's the Bridle Road Residence in Cape Town, South Africa. It's been getting a ton on press on sustainability with the landscaping as well as the house itself. One of the coolest features (as side from the badass view of the Atlantic Ocean and the beauty of outdoor living) is the pool system.

It's all natural and self cleaning utilizing plants, sand, gravel and a waterfall that cascades down the side of the home. Are you kidding? And, they designed the waterfall to also act a screen to give privacy to one of the bathrooms. Genius. Here's a picture (below).

The craftsmanship and overall collaboration of design (from the inside, out) on this place is so well done.

This photo, in my opinion, just captures the whole experience of this place from the view to the indoor/outdoor living, to the eco friendly pool system. The private reflection pool in this shot cascades down the building and provides that screening (photo above). There's a ton more detail on both sites listed below.

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  1. My sister lives in Cape Town, SA and it is so amazing how they embrace the environment. They are more aware and respectful I found, than in most places. It's such a beautiful country that it's hard to imagine not being respectful of that beauty. Cool post.


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