Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Details In The Dining

It's one thing to find a killer restaurant with amazing food and great service. It's another to find one with such detailed craftsmanship and creativity in the interior design.

Lighting is huge in any restaurant and certainly a highlight of this place. They didn't hold back and it's so well thought out. It's a blend of balance and creativity. The image above is a custom made walnut box and below is a brass branch-like fixture with glass globes. Artistic and functional.

A lot going on in this private dining area. On one wall you have a combination of steel windows and doors forming the privacy yet keeping the feel open and connected, and on the opposing wall the finish is made up of exposed timber ends. Rustic reclaimed wood on the floor tie in nicely with the barn doors that open to the kitchen.

photos by Paul Bardagjy via ArchDaily

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