Thursday, August 25, 2011

Maximize That Space

Getting creative and maximizing space. It doesn't matter what size your place is. Big or small. It's about how you use it. Here's a nice little multifunctional drop zone right at the front entry. Check the gold valence too. It runs the course of the main living space, breaking up the tall white walls. Here, however, it becomes this "liquid" hanging piece - genius.

The stairs are always a good place to utilize for storage. Here they've carved out niches and filled them up with books.

Here's an alternative to end or bedside tables. You can build out the area behind the bed creating a shelf that spans the width of the room. They even took it a step further creating cubbies and adding reading lights. This is my weekly post for Fred Flare so you can also check it on their site too.

photos via Freshome

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