Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shallow Kitchen Sink

They took a little bit of a different approach here with this kitchen sink. It's a trough style that's both long and shallow. A very non traditional style but definitely a genius idea for prepping. They even took it a step further by customizing the sliding wood cutting boards. If you have the space and you love to cook, I think it's ideal.

photo via Remodelista


  1. Hello all,

    So much kitchen work is done at the sink that you must be comfortable working at yours. If you can replace your sink, buy a shallow one that slopes in front for easy access. Often, a sink can be repositioned a little higher or lower, eliminating the need to replace it. Thanks a lot.....

    Prep Sink

  2. I have wanted to ask this for a few years and now I am working with a counter fabricator to make a "dry sink" type counter for my fermenting kitchen. I often have a bushel of veggies in the queue for cleaning and since I have a traditional sink and side counters that are small I frequently have baskets set here and there with little critters running wild. With a counter like this I could easily rinse them down quickly and process w/o having to work around the huge sink where I want to stand chopping in front of the window! Is there any way to talk with the person who got the sink in this picture, how it worked for them and what it was made of? The weight of quartz surfacing seems prohibitive my fabricator said as much as 250 lbs.! But even cement would be heavy and then there is the staining probability and what would be best to keep it white (the color I desire). If you respond though probably in a busy schedule my mind will be blown!


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