Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Burnt Salvage

I came across this yesterday via Core77 and thought it was definitely worthy of a post. Not only because it looks like such a cool project, but it's about Detroit's oldest neighborhood, Corktown. If it sounds familiar, I recently made mention in a previous post. The photo above is the work of architect Catie Newell. It's basically her spacial creation of burnt, charred wood. It's super cool and looks pretty sweet at night too.

The wood is from this arsoned home that was destined to be torn down. She created this 'landscape' and really brought the space back to life in a way. The project is part of a nonprofit group called The Imagination Station. They are renovating two abandoned houses, one for a community media center and the other for an art studio. Catie did this cool little video on their site where she talks about the construction challenges as well as the unique charred surfaces. You should definitely check it out.

photos via Core77

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