Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Retractable Screen

It just got cold where we are in the Midwest. Not a total complaint because it's been pretty nice but it seems like with a lot of our projects we are working on outdoor spaces. I can't say that retractable screens are my favorite but they have certainly come a long way. Phantom Screens is putting out some pretty cool products. They have a newer line with more versatility on the market and if you can incorporate and conceal the housing then you could end up with a system like the photo featured above. The screen comes right out of the ceiling and glides right down the track that's been recessed right into the stone pillars. It's a sweet little operation. And, if you're hooked up with some home automation you can sync directly to the system. It will then react based on climate conditions or time of day.

Phantom Screens
photo via Residential Design & Build Magazine

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