Monday, November 8, 2010

San Miguel de Allende

I am lucky enough to be on vacation this week with my wife, Leo and her entire family. We never get to see them all at the same time, so it is a blast. In honor of the vacation, I'm going to post about some bad ass vacation homes this week. Short and sweet posts, so enjoy.

These pictures are actually from my wife. She used to go on photo shoots with her job and she went on one in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. It's actually in central Mexico and even though there is no lake/ocean, it is a pretty sweet looking place to vacation.

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  1. We are neighbors (Bloomfield Hills) who live in San Miguel during the winter. Follow our San Miguel blog at .
    And we may want to meet you for future work on our house, as we live in a historic home on Lower Long Lake, recently featured in the Free Press.


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