Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I'm starting to see a pattern here, I talk about hardwood a lot. But, it's only because there are so many cool ways of doing hardwood floors, siding and interiors right now that can really add character to any project of any budget. Remodelista had a great post about the small Vail, CO based Arrigoni Wood the other day.

Arrigoni specializes in wide plank engineered European flooring while also featuring a reclaimed wood product line containing flooring, beams, architectural details and siding.

This Limed Dark Oak look is pretty sweet. They achieve this by using a thermo-treatment and utilizing a white oil to get the black/white contrast. This would be cool in a study or a modern kitchen.

This house in Aspen has a Rustic Ash floor. I like the way the finish gives it both a modern and rustic look at the same time.

Reclaimed wood siding was used on this cabin in Colorado. This type of siding is super low maintenance and is perfect for the woods.

(photos via Arrigoni)

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