Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hand Crafted Windows & Doors

We are starting a custom home in Clarkston, Michigan that has an English Cottage design. We are looking into using steel frame windows so I've been researching them a lot lately. There are some amazing companies still crafting these windows and doors by hand. The Presidio project by architect Malcolm Davis used Crittall steel windows and doors in the picture above.

Crittall is a 150 year old UK company who still hand craft each window to your custom specifications. These guys literally weld the frame to your desired shape. I like the way they used the application in a shower (above) with a door leading out to the porch.

Another steel window supplier Hope's Windows is out of New York. They did this amazing house in Ohio using a ton of steel casement windows. The height of these doors/windows maximizes the amount of light brought into the space.

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