Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Salvage Finds

A custom look of quality and craftsmanship does not have to come with a steep price tag. I really think there are a ton of ways to add character and charm to your space without spending top dollar. One of my favorite tricks for saving some money is to visit a salvage warehouse.

We found an old 1890's solid oak door with a beveled oval window and hand carved recessed panels at an architectural salvage warehouse for dirt cheap. We bought the door early on in our project and had it sanded down and restained.

It now adds a ton of character to the front of the house and creates a unique focal point for our small foyer.

A couple quick tips for great finds at a salvage yard:

- Be proactive. If you find something that has an odd shape like an old door or a stained glass window, you'll want to do so early on so you can easily incorporate it into your project

- Ask questions. Talk to the salespeople in the shop. They are usually really passionate about their finds and can give you details about finishes, eras and history.

- Think big and small. Doors and large pieces aren't the only things you can score at salvage yards. We once did a house where the owner and I found old school glass doorknobs for all of her doors. They would've cost a fortune new and that small detail really added a ton of character.

(Pictures by Tim Capaldi)

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