Monday, January 17, 2011

Tobacco Barn

I was looking for some ideas on retail design over the weekend and found this crazy little gem down in Kentucky. I like how when you look at this place, you'd never know what's inside. It's a visitors center and reception area that's been put inside and old tobacco barn. It was genius. They took this old barn, cleaned it up and then beefed it up so it was structurally sound. Then they transformed one half of the building into this sweet retail space while the other half is suited for entertaining. It's basically a building inside a building.

The building keeps it's rustic exterior quality while inside it's transformed and modernized. A very cool and functional space. The original design of the barn with the random gaps in the siding allows natural light in and it also gives off a glow at night when the space is lit up.

The retail side is a controlled environment however it was also designed so that when the weather cooperates you can open the glass panels and the space becomes one again. It's modern, it's rustic and has a little edge to it. A great use of space by a strong group of designers.

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