Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Garage Rehab

There are times when local codes will not allow you to completely tear a structure down and reconstruct from scratch. That's when you get creative. Here's a cool example from Seattle. It was an old 1920's single car garage that was ready to fall down. The plan was to give it some new life and maximize the space for the homeowner. This place kicks some ass now.

They raised the existing structure, then carved out and excavated for a new foundation that now serves as a mechanical room, storage and workshop for the owner. The dirt from the foundation was used to create new landscaped terraces.

A little cozy up in the loft area but something has to give when you're working with 320 square feet.

I like the use of all the wood from floor to ceiling and the contrast of the high gloss in the ceiling to the dull matte of the floors. And that is a structural steel column in the middle of the kitchen. Just throw some pots and pans on it and call it a pot rack. Sweet improvising.

Check out the architects, SHED here
Photos via Remodelista

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