Thursday, January 27, 2011

Edgy Office Space

So it may be geared toward a kids play/study area but I like the way it lays out and feels for an office space. Why not? You've got to have a little fun which they did here, but they've also taken advantage of a smaller work area. I like the idea of going with a pure white on both the walls and built-in cabinets as well as a lighter tone to the floors. It just helps make the overall space feel larger or more open. They also hit it with some color and crazy accents. A cool green chair and the badass skull and crossbones. The skull and crossbones is actually a wall decal/oversized sticker. A quick, easy way to give a space some character.

Grab yourself a little coffee in this sweet mug and you're all set to start the day in your home office.

Check it out over at Fred Flare. I'm guest blogging over there today.

Photos via LivingEtc and Fred Flare


  1. Love the mug!! Did you see the one I gave to Mom? It's called the "2 Carat Cup" - also by Fred. Check it out....

  2. this space is fabulous. now trying to figure out where to fit it in our smaller home. Would make for such a great work area.


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